About RWC

RWC accompanies you on your research journey – providing you with an assortment of research writing tools you can use as is, or adapt to your needs. RWC also connects you to other researchers, and allows you to create, share and access a wide range of content.

RWC can be used in different ways.

  • You may have a sense of the particular theme or topics you want to explore. These could deal with issues in an established research journey, one where you have a sense of your route, and the particular areas you want to explore.
  • You may choose to sample a particular theme aligned with your established research plan.
  • Some of you may want a place to start, a guide for your reading and writing moving forward or to reflect on steps you have taken. The particular sequence of themes or order of titles could be a useful guide, a way of ordering your thinking and writing.

Contribute to this companion! Use your experience to develop resources you think would help others in this community of researchers. You can do this by becoming a member so that you can contribute.