Some info about the Research Writing Companion:

A flexible resource to share

Think about joining up with friends to access and share resources together.

A note on language

While our shared language on this course is English, we encourage you to explore the additional languages you may know. So when  you are writing or talking to clarify ideas, do so in the language you feel most comfortable.

Who is this resource for?

It is intended for researchers, academics, current students or prospective postgraduate university students from all disciplinary backgrounds. The resource has been designed by a team of staff at the University of Cape Town (UCT).

What is the focus of the resource?

This is a research writing space, offering a range of resources to develop your academic writing and research ideas.

How will it work?

There is a variety of resources and materials on the site, from video lectures, to screen cast presentations and readings. The resources are open to all.  However, only people registered on this site will be about to contribute content.  The space is designed to be a supportive and collaborative one.

Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to Contact us.