Have you decided yet which concepts you would like to work with? Some of us will already know, while
others are still thinking. If you need some guidance in identifying your concepts, read on. Here is an optional practice exercise that might help.


Suggested activities

Choose one of these prompts and make notes in your journal or try doing a freewrite to get your ideas going.

In thinking about my three circles in week 2, I noticed an overlap between …..
I have always been interested in ……
My previous research focus was on ….. but since working at ……. I have become fascinated by …..
A concept that I noticed on the Library wall in the video in Week 1: Orientation is……. This caught my attention because …
The research group I want to join is working on …… so I need to read my way in to the topic.


It is alright if you are still exploring your keywords and research focus and question. Just commit to some words
for the purpose of this exercise. This will help to give you a feel for what it is like to review literature.