Research Journey

The research journey is often a messy, non-linear and iterative process. While it is useful to chart a trajectory, be aware that the journey is not the same as the map.


You can watch these two videos where Sharman Wickham describes different phases of the research journey.


Suggested activities

  1. Based on the above, where would you situate yourself in the research journey?
  2. Watch the following video and reflect on an analogy that would describe your research.  

Every person’s research experience is different and while there are common approaches and expectations as to how to conduct research – exactly how you do your research, how you feel about it and the outcome will be unique.  We interview some students who recently completed their dissertations and asked them to describe their research experience.  We asked them to choose an analogy to help describe what their journey felt like. So Gideon talks about it being like playing golf, while for Lindsay, it is more like a charm bracelet.  How would you envisage your journey at the moment, or how has it been so far?